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  • Javadoc

    This is the current development project javadoc for the server side classes.

  • The Succession Wars ( pdf | ps )

    This document is the source you must have to understand the features we will try to implement in this game. It does not explain the universe, or the terminology, but goes a long way in giving an idea of what will be accomplished if this project succeeds.

  • CESW Database Schema

    This is a visio document of the CESW database model.

  • Battletech Context ( Francais ) ( pdf | ps )

    This document created by Hugues Legault is an overview of the battletech universe, this should help newbie understand the nature of the universe we are trying to emulate.

  • Hitchhiker's guide to the Inner Sphere ( pdf | ps )

    This is a more detailed document detailling the Battletech universe circa 3025. This explains the major terms and definitions used in the original game. This should help the developper understand the game universe.

  • Where am I?

    You currently are in the documentation section. For the lastest news please go to the news section

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