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In the original Succession Wars game by FASA, the players, which numbered 5, controlled only a portion of the entire Battletech universe. The system developed in Computer Enhanced Succession Wars ( CESW ) will try to have a level of detail much more complex. We plan to make available to the players the entire Inner Sphere, including the House states, the periphery and the Bandit Kingdoms. To add another level of gameplay, each House state will be divided in composing "provinces". This means that about 30 players could play in the universe at the same time. Computer Enhanced Succession Wars is open source, free software. It is licenced under the GPL.

The game will not be realtime but will use a system similar to the one created by the Diplomacy game, which means that every players will have until a certain date/time to enter the orders in their "Battle Computers" and at this moment every move will be processed by the computer in "Real-time". Results will be shown to the player the next time he/she logs on.

Currently Planned Features:

  • Internal Mail system
  • Espionage Capabilities
  • Extensive Political Maneuvering
  • Extensive Military Mission Choices
  • Taxation Control for House Leaders
  • Different unit types and sizes
  • Independent ComStar
  • Documentation Section about Life, the Universe and everything else.

    If this project interests you, please consult the documentation section for more details. Drop us an email if you have an idea or would like to participate in the project.

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